The Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra’s general membership for children ages 7 – 18 is $20.00 and valid from January 1 through December 31. Membership is required to participate in club activities.

After Education and Safety (ASES) Program:
The After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) is implemented by the Boys and Girls Clubs of La Habra and is offered free to all students, kindergarten through eighth grade and is located on each of the District school sites. ASES offers a well supervised, comprehensive and academically focused program.

     Program Content:
  1. Academics (Literacy Arts, Math, Science, & Social Science)
       2. Intervention and Homework Success
       3. Enrichment -Visual and Performing Arts
       4. Social Emotional Development (Social Skills, Leadership, Behavior, Well Being)
       5. Health and Safety ( Nutrition & Health, Physical Development, Personal Safety)
       6. Community Engagement

Arts & Crafts:
Our arts and crafts program enables youth to develop creatively and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of visual and tactile arts and crafts. Our program includes drawing, painting, ceramics, and daily craft projects.

Extended Day
The Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra offers special hours to our members who need a fun & safe place to go before and after each school day. Our Extended Day program includes participation in all daily planned clubhouse activities, excluding fieldtrips and camp.

HOURS: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm Monday – Friday

     School Year Program:
• Transportaion to and from schools in La Habra City School District (LHCSD), Lowell Joint School                   District (LJSD), Our Lady of Guadalupe and parts of the East Whittier City School District
       • Program will run Monday through Friday through the end of the school year
       • Includes a continental breakfast and afternoon snack
       • Current membership required (2013)
       • Enrollment form, fee & first payment must be made before being   accepted into the program
       Any school that is outside of LHSCD and LJSD will incur an additional weekly transportation fee of $5.

       Weekly Fees:
            Full Time (Before and After School)
                        Grades 2nd – 8th (Ages 7 & Up)                  $72/Week
                        Grades Kindergarten – 1st (Ages 5 & 6)            $77/Week
            Part time (Before or After School)
                        Grades 2nd – 8th (Ages 7 & Up)                  $62/Week
                        Grades Kindergarten – 1st (Ages 5 & 6)            $67/Week

  • Financial assistance available. (Proof of income required)
  • All unpaid balances must be resolved before being accepted into the Extended Day Program
  • For more information on our Extended Day Program, please call (562) 694-1805
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SUMMER EXTENDED DAY - JUNE 2 thru August 15, 2014
HOURS: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm Monday – Friday

       Weekly Fees (per child):
                        Grades 2nd & up                              $88/Week
                        Grades Kindergarten – 1st                       $98/Week

  • For more information on our Extended Day Program, please call Zoila Rodriguez (562) 694-1805
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Games Room:
The Games Room is the heart of the Club. At any given moment kids' laughter and enthused voices can be heard, swirling around this hub of activity. It is here that the roots of the Club's mission take hold. In the games room at any early age, kids learn respect, sharing and interpersonal skills that eventually blossom into our core area of Leadership & Development.

Bumper pool, billiards, ping pong, table hockey, foosball and other games and tournaments improve motor skills, teach structure through rules and regulations as well as foster good sportsmanship and fair play.

The formative hours spent in the Games Room flow seamlessly into the Club's entire programming.

r. Alan & Belinda Kahn Music Center
Our music center currently offers weekly small group guitar lessons.

Piano lessons now offered!!!

Robert E Fulton Education Center
Robert E. Fulton was a special person and special friend.  He was born in Whittier California.  He attended schools in Paramount and Downey, and graduated from the University of Southern California School of Civil Engineering.  He owned the Robert E. Fulton Company, a leading engineering construction firm, for over thirty years.

Always a philanthropist, in 1989 he founded the Fulton Foundation to continue his goal of aiding in the education of youth.  He served on the Los Alamos School Board, funded special needs classes in La Habra and Los Alamos.  He gave generously to youth organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of La Habra , Children's Museum of La Habra and to the USC School of Engineering.

"There are so many things that could be said about Bob, but he was not one who liked awards or recognition.  We often discussed our beliefs that he and I were put on this earth with the ability to earn more than we personally needed so that we could give to others (especially children)."  -- Sulie Fulton.

Robert E. Fulton, June 13th 1936 - August 6th, 1995

This Education Center will enable young people to learn, explore and imagine.

The Robert E. Fulton Education Center provides children with the following facilities and equipment:
     • Two Classrooms
     • 1 Multi Media Center
     • 37 computers
     • 4 iMac Workstations
     • Smart Board
     • Independent Study Areas
     • Mini Conference Room

The Robert E. Fulton Education Center also provides daily homework help and tutoring and the following programs:
     • Power Hour
     • Engineering Adventures Club
     • Game Tech
     • Clay Tech
     • Skill Tech

John & Tillie Campos Teen Center:

Come hang out with your friends at the Teen Center! Check out your favorite sports games on our large screen T.V. equipped with our DVD home theater surround sound system and gaming system with the best games available.

Programs conducted in the Teen Center include Passport to Manhood, Money Matters, Smart Moves, Gear Up For College a college exploration (with use of our lap top computers), information and academic program.

The Teen Center is Just for Teens!
No parents and no little kids – just fun with your friends.

      A targeted effort to engage boys in interactive discussion & activities to reinforce positive behavior.
      A creative, fun, learning experience that provides teens with accurate information, resistance               training and other critical skills dealing with teen issues.
      A Money Management Program for Teens
      Prepares Teens for the Work Force and Careers
          Gives advice and preparation for college
          Tuesday 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

          Internet Access
          Homework Assistance
          Ping Pong
          Board Games
          CD Stereo Player
          Flag Football
College Exploration, visit local campuses
       • Theme Parks
       • Movie Theaters
       • Beach Trip

Sports, Fitness, and Recreation:
The Club is committed to providing quality and organized athletic teams and recreation activities that give our club members the opportunity to enhance their overall physical fitness, and develop their competitive spirit while understanding the principles of teamwork.  We accomplish this by committing to the following:
       1. Actively encouraging participation by club members ages 6-18
       2. Facilitating increased communication and collaboration between youth teams and the civic and                corporate communities that support athletics and recreation
       3. Enhancing knowledge of sports through instruction, demonstration and example by committed                and trained volunteers and coaches
       4. Inspiring sportsmanship and promoting fair play
       5. Enlightening the area’s youth as to the history and traditions of sports

We also offer the following activities: Basketball League, Volleyball League, Indoor Soccer, “New Games”, and recreational play and offer a nutrition program.

Our facility houses two gymnasiums used by all members and a fitness/weight center used by members ages 12 & up.